Funky Buddha


Funky Buddha is a brewery located in the area of Oakland, South Florida. They started off as a small brew pub in Boca Raton, but they became quite popular really fast and almost a decade later, they are ready to celebrate their 10th anniversary producing German-style craft beers with the "funky touch" that makes them so unconventional, and yet so well loved.

Their main brewery is located in Oakland Park, where they moved in the year 2013. It features a very convivial ambience, full of warmth and laughter. The employees are warm, welcoming and ready to give you some recommendations if you aren't well acquainted with their beer. Definitely a place where you can have some fun while you down a couple of beers.

There are both indoor and outdoor seating options, for those that prefer to catch some sunlight. While there is no food truck, there is a craft food counter and kitchen that offers fun specialties and delicious dishes that pair well with beer, such as wings, fries, chips, pulled pork and even gourmet cheese sandwiches. The atmosphere and the brewery itself are rather family friendly, but the food and entertainment options are limited: most of the food has a gourmet take on it, so there might not be a lot of kid friendly food or entertainment there. While there are no live entertainment options, you won't need them: everybody is so friendly that even if you go alone, you will make friends immediately and get lost in conversation. For those that don't like beer, they also offer wine and cider options such as their aged rosé. They offer private tours of their tap room and their bar, and they are open to celebrate events too: if you want to celebrate your birthday or your wedding there, just contact them and they will be ready to welcome you!